Enoteca Vineria La Cave is a corner of paradise for enthusiasts of good drinks and refined taste.

Located in the pulsating heart of Naples, inside the Galleria del Mare at the Stazione Marittima - Molo Angioino, our wine bar is a reference point for all those who appreciate the gastronomic riches of Italy. Here, exquisite taste meets the rare excellence of food products from all over the Italian territory, creating a unique gastronomic experience.

Led by Patrizia Gaudio, a veteran with over two decades of experience in the wine industry, La Cave is more than just a wine shop. It is a place where the love for cuisine, wineand wine culture intertwine with a passion for culinary traditions.



Our mission is to carry on the tradition of authentic flavors, keeping alive the art of food and wine pairing and promoting genuine products and ancient ones.

We believe that sitting at the table is not just a mere act of nourishment but an emotional experience, a moment of spiritual enrichment.

Every product we offer tells a story, traces the profile of cultures, territories, and peoples, awakening our taste buds and creating new, unforgettable sensory experiences.

That's why
we carefully select each product directly from producers and winemakers, bringing only the best labels and wineries to our store.


Give the gift of quality

An special anniversary, a birthday, or a simple gesture to show affection?

What could be better than a
fine bottle of premium wine or a gourmet basket filled with carefully selected Italian delicacies?

Choose from our suggestions or personalize your gift: we can create gift packages that include a selection of high-quality wines, cheeses, and cured meats, extra virgin olive oil, artisanal chocolate, and other local delights.

Not just wine...

Our selection is not limited to wine. In addition to a rich variety of bottled wines, table wines, organic wines, reds, whites, rosés, still and sparkling, we offer a wide range of food and wine products. From olive oil to gluten-free pasta, from spices to chocolate, from confetti to candies, from chocolate pralines to sweet spreadable creams - all our products are selected to bring the essence of Italian tradition to your tables.

In the heart of Naples, just steps from the sea

In addition to wine, we have a wide selection of liquors and spirits, both Italian and international, from prestigious brands and small artisan producers. For beer lovers, we have a range of rich and bold craft beers, produced by 100% Italian breweries, using the finest ingredients.

The owner

Meeting Patrizia, the owner of La Cave, is an experience in itself. Her love for wine, passion for gastronomic culture, and her warmth are the essence of Italian hospitality.

Patrizia is not just a certified food and wine tour promoter, she is an ambassador of good taste.

She firmly believes in the power of education and experience. She regularly offers guided tastings, allowing visitors to discover new flavors and expand their wine knowledge. Patrizia is the beating heart of La Cave. Her dedication and passion have transformed the wine bar into more than just a place to buy wine. It is a place of discovery, learning, and, above all, sharing the passion for high-quality products and the art of living well.

Discover our selection of quality wines: from light and fruity whites to full-bodied and robust reds, to sparkling bubbles and sweet dessert wines. You will find wines from all over Italy and the world.

In addition to our extensive range of wines, we offer a selection of carefully curated gastronomic products that perfectly complement our wine selection.

At La Cave, we don't just offer wine. Discover our range of wine accessories, enological accessories, souvenirs, and our exclusive services, such as guided tastings.



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